Sprint Galaxy S3 Receiving OTA Update

Spring Galaxy S3 SPH-L710 smartphones are said to be receiving the L710VPMA6 OTA update today. It’s a relatively large OTA update (157MB) that fixes some security issues and adds some features. It still does not include the Samsung Premium Suite though and users will have to wait a bit more for that. There are no release notes available at the moment however the users are reporting some new features that they are seeing after getting the update, that include:

L710VPMA6 What’s New in Sprint Galaxy S3 L710 Feb 13 OTA Update

Fixes a security issue with SPH-L710

Fixes calendar sync issues

Updates to Voicemail app

Adds SMS features

Note: The update does NOT include the Samsung Premium Suite features

Did your device receive the L710 VPMA6 OTA update yet? Let us know if you are seeing any new features 🙂

via AndroidCentral

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