Unveiled: SIM-Free Samsung Galaxy S 4 Price for UK

The unlocked, SIM free Galaxy S4 UK price has just been unveiled. Last week, Samsung announced it’s next generation Android flagship device Galaxy S 4 I9500. In an event held in New York, all details regarding the device were made available except the price and actual date when the device will be available. It didn’t take long before the details started emerging online.

The SIM-free Galaxy S 4 price in UK is the first bit of pricing that has become become available. As it’s factory unlocked, you can get it shipped to your country / region by ordering online. There will be additional shipping charges of course in addition to the sum that you will have to pay for the device. Shipping charges may vary depending on the region you want it shipped to and the type of shipping you want. It will still be worth the price though ;).

SIM-Free Galaxy S4 Price in UK

Price in GB pounds: £528.98

Price in US Dollars: $800

It should be noted that the above mentioned price of International Galaxy S4 is inclusive of VAT. The price excluding tax is at around £441.65. In this price you get the device + the usual goodies. Here’s what’s in the box:

  • Samsung Galaxy S4 Handset
  • Samsung Battery
  • Samsung Charger
  • Samsung Stereo Headset
  • Samsung USB Data Cable
  • User Guide
  • Warranty Card

Pre-Order Galaxy S4 in UK (ETA: April 26th)

You can pre-order SIM-free Galaxy S4 now from unlocked-mobiles.com.

The device is expected to start getting delivered to customers from April 26th, 2013.

The price is set at £530 (inclusive of VAT) which sounds very reasonable, considering the features and enhancements in I9500. It’s very competitive as well. You will get a 16GB iPhone 5 for the same price. HTC One price is very much on the same lines. It does not look like a bad deal at all. In case you were looking for a carrier-locked device, you will have to wait a bit longer till the carrier of your choice announces the price plan for your device. Stay tuned!

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