Google Pixel 3 Camera APK with Night Sight Mode

Google Pixel 3 camera included one incredible feature – the Night Sight mode. Thanks to the developers, we have a stable version of Google Pixel 3 Camera APK for OnePlus 6T and 6. This is great news. Google Pixel 3 is probably has the best camera in market. Night Sight mode lets you take photos in any lighting. Even when you cannot see a thing in the dark with naked eye, Pixel 3’s camera can capture it with impressive exposure.

This is the latest camera feature that very few devices have for now. Huawei Mate 20 has a similar feature. This is no longer exclusive to these devices now. Developers first ported Google Camera app with Night Sight and HDR+ to Xiaomi Mi5 and Essential 5 devices. Now, with OnePlus 6T and 6 on the list, more users have access to this feature By the way, OnePlus 6T comes with a similar feature in its kitty. It’s called Nightscape Mode. But it’s good to have variety, eh?

Before you download and install it, be aware that it may not work as intended. Since it’s not an official release so it might have some bugs. Worthy to give it a try though. Here is how you can get it on your device.

Download Google Pixel 3 Camera APK

For OnePlus 6: GCam_Pixel3Mod_1_build.6.1.013.apk

For OnePlus 6T: GCam_Pixel3Mod_1_build.6.1.013_test-OP6T.apk

Xiaomi Mi5: GoogleCamera_6.1.013.216795316-debug.apk

Essential Phone: GoogleCamera_6.1.013.216795316-debug.apk

Just download the Google Camera APK from the links given above and install it on your device.

After you have installed the app, just swipe to the settings and select “Night”. That’s it.

via XDA Developers

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