WhatsApp Spotted with Call Schedule Feature

You would soon be able to schedule calls on WhatsApp. The new feature, spotted in WhatsApp APK for Android, is likely to coming soon to WhatsApp. The screenshots show a new “Schedule call” option next to “Call group”. When you tap the option, it opens a window where you enter basic call information: Title, Date, and Time.

When you hit the “Create” button after entering this information, it will notify that group members of the scheduled call. This text above the button indicates that “Members of the group will be notified when the call is scheduled and when it starts.” So it will also notify group members when the call kicks off. This was revealed by website.

Once added, this will be a very useful feature that can make life easier for those who use it for personal as well as business reasons. There are multiple use cases where this can be super helpful. For example, if there’s a WhatsApp group of a college class, the instructors could schedule classes in advance. Or a business could hold a Q&A session. And so on. This could possibly replace, or at least reduce users’ reliance on Google Meet, Zoom and other similar apps in some cases.

When you combine the “schedule call” feature with the ability to share the meeting links in “Communities”, that WhatsApp rolled out recently, this feature can be even more effective. But a WhatsApp group call can have a maximum of 32 users as of today. So this could very well be the limit for number of attendees that a scheduled WhatsApp call would have. But this number might increase with time – which will be very handy for business users.

What’s not clear yet is whether this is group calls only, or whether individual users will be able to schedule meet ups with their contacts. Despite that, this is really an exciting development.

Keep in mind that WhatsApp’s Schedule Call feature has not been officially announced yet. It will probably first make its way to the beta version of the app before releasing. Hopefully we will see WhatsApp APK beta release pretty soon.

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