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Android Open Kang Project Team releases Android 4.3 based AOKP JB-MR2 Nightlies

You can now flash AOKP 4.3 ROM as the Android Open Kang team have released the updated version of the ROM. Termed as AOKP JB-MR2, the ROM is still under development. This is a nightly version which supports limited set of devices while some of the previously supported devices are not upgradable to JB-MR2 and will remain on JB-MR1. Support for 2 new devices has also been added in this version. Users can now install AOKP 4.3 on Nexus 7 2013 (flo) version as well as on Oppo Find 5. This was announced today in a blog post by AOKP:

Not all of our previously supported devices are ready for a JB-MR2 release yet, but we have two new babies in the family: 2013 Nexus 7 (flo) and Oppo Find 5 (find5).

It’s been a while since AOKP released a new build or added new features. It’s worth the wait though as the developers have added a much awaited Android 4.3 support to the ROM. Because it’s a nightly build, its expected to have some bugs and errors. If you encounter any bugs, you can (and should) report them to so that those can be ironed out. The ROM will get stable with every update and you can really help the progress by just reporting the bugs.

AOKP is one of the popular ROMs that adds some great new features to your device. If you haven’t flashed a custom ROM before, you will need to root your device, install custom recovery and then you will be able to flash custom ROMs.

If your device is not among the supported devices, you might still get the older (Android 4.2.x based) version on it to get some AOKP flavor.

You can download the latest verison of AOKP for your device from the link provided below:

Download AOKP Latest Version

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