How to Backup Galaxy S3 Contacts & Data to PC / Mac

Do you own a Galaxy S3? It’s important to perform periodic backup of Galaxy S3 contacts, messages and other important date to make sure that you don’t lose it. It’s fairly easy to take the backup and save it on your PC. This may come handy when you root your device or when you restore it to factory settings.

Backup Galaxy S3 Contacts

The easiest way to backup your contacts is to sync them with Gmail. You must have official Gmail app installed on your device. The app, primarily a Gmail client for Android, also lets you sync contacts with Gmail. After you have synced, you can copy those contacts to any other device.

Download Gmail app from Google Play Store

Backup Galaxy S3 SMS Messages

If you want to take a backup of your SMS messages, there are plenty of apps available in the Google Play Store. You can download and install any app that best suits your need. There are both, paid as well as free, apps available. Have a look.

After installing the App, you can backup SMS and then restore them.

You can also backup Galaxy S3 SMS messages to your Gmail account.

Backup Photos, Video & Audio Files

Connect your SGS3 with computer and simply copy and paste the files from your device to the computer. You do not need to install an app for that.

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  1. I have been trying for days to sync my contacts from my S3 to my gmail account, and am failing miserably. I even tried setting up a new group in gmail, and then the same group on my handset, copying all my S3 contacts into the new group, but still no luck. My handset and gmail account ARE talking to each other, as some changes are synced, but whatever I do, I cannot reproduce my S3 contacts list onto gmail, which I want to do as a back-up.

  2. Yes…. the KIES app NEVER worked for backup on my Galaxy S, so I trashed the phone for the iphone which can SIMPLY and QUICKLY restore all contacts, appointments and todos with no fuss using itunes and icloud. Frankly, either I missing something or I can’t believe anyone would buy anything else for this very reason. If I lose my iphone, I get a new one and it will sync… no muss.. no fuss. There is NO counterpart on the android side AT ALL that makes this process anywhere near as easy. What am I missing?

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