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How to Unlock HTC One Bootloader on Windows 8, 7 & XP

It’s fairly easy to unlock HTC One Bootloader with HTCDev. HTC lets you unlock bootloaders for most of it’s devices, including the flagship HTC One. Unlocking the bootloader opens your device to handful of options for customizing it and installing custom ROMs and custom recoveries on it. There are plenty of custom ROMs available for HTC One that you can install. But before that, you have to unlock the bootloader, root the device and flash custom recovery and then you can flash custom ROMs from recovery mode. So, lets take the first step and unlock the HTC One bootloader. Detailed instructions are provided below:

How to Unlock HTC One Bootloader (Mac / Windows)

Before you Begin:

  1. Backup your data, you will lose it and it will become irrecoverable.
  2. Your device should be fully charged, ideally the battery level should be above 60%.
  3. Set up Android Fastboot & ADB drivers on Windows, if you haven’t already.
  4. Download and install HTC Sync Manager for Mac / Windows

After taking care of preliminary steps, now let’s move on to the task at hand:

Step 1: Go to:

Step 2: Log in with your username / password. If you are new to this, sign up for an HTC Dev account and then log in.

Step 3: Once logged in, select the “All Other Supported Models” option from the right sidebar.


Step 4: Now click on “Begin Unlock Bootloader” button to start the process.

Step 5: When it asks “Are you sure you want to continue?”, click “Yes”. Then click both checkboxes to accept the legal terms and click on “Proceed to Unlock Instructions”.

From here, you can follow the steps provided by HTCDev that will lead you to unlocking HTC One bootloader. For your convenience, if you don’t find steps mentioned over at HTCDev easy to follow, the process is explained below:

Step 6: Put your device in fastboot mode:

  1. Switch off your device
  2. Press & hold Volume down + Power keys to put your device in bootloader mode
  3. Now select “Fastboot” option to boot device in fastboot mode

Step 7: Now connect your device (which should be in Fastboot mode) to the computer.

Step 8: Launch Command Prompt and navigate to platform tools directory (where you have set up fastboot) using the cd command (e.g. cd D:\android-sdk-windows\platform-tools)

Step 9: Now run the following command:

fastboot oem get_identifier_token

Soon as this command is executed, a long block of text will be displayed in Command Prompt window.

Step 10: Copy the text starting from <<<< Identifier Token Start >>>>, till the <<<<< Identifier Token End >>>>>. To do this:

  1. Right click in Command Prompt window and click on “Mark”
  2. Now select the block of text
  3. After selecting the text, right click and select “Copy” to copy the text

Selected text should look like this:


Step 11: Paste this text into the token field on HTCDev website and click on “Submit”.



Step 12: You will then receive your unlock code binary file. Download the file (which should be named Unlock_code.bin) and copy it into your fastboot folder.

Step 13: In Command Prompt, execute following command:

fastboot flash unlocktoken Unlock_code.bin

Step 14: After this command is executed, a message will pop up on your device asking if you wanted to unlock the bootloader. Confirm it (use volume keys to navigate up & down and Power to select an option).

Step 15: Your device will now reboot. When it boots up, you will have HTC One with unlocked bootloader.

Say Happy Independence Day to your HTC One.

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