Alephzain’s Exynos 4 Exploit: Root & RAM Access on Galaxy S3 / S2, Note 2

An XDA member has discovered a new kernel exploit that affects several of Samsung Android devices. alephzain’s Exynos exploit gives you root access without flashing. Not only that, any app can get access to all of the physical memory of affected Exynos powered Android device. This is a disastrous situation as any app installed from the Play Store can use the exploit very easily and get root access as well as full RAM access, and the user may not be aware of it at all. So, who should be worried? Here’s list of devices that may get affected with this exploit:

This exploit affects any device powered by Exynos 4 chip. Here are some of the prominent devices that are vulnerable:

  • Galaxy SIII (International)
  • Galaxy SII (International)
  • Galaxy Note II
  • Galaxy Note
  • Galaxy Note 10.1

If you owe any of the devices listed above, or any device powered by Samsung Exynos, be very very careful while installing any apps from Play Store or otherwise. Install the apps from trusted sources only.

According to the developers, Samsung have been notified of the vulnerability but have not responded as yet. Hopefully, we have a patch available to fix this issue soon Stay tuned!

Fore more information and details of the vulnerability, please head over to the XDA thread.

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