Download Paranoid Android Google Apps for PA 4.3 based ROMs

ParanoidAndroid team have released Google Apps 4.3. The updated GApps 4.3 package is compatible with Paranoid Android Android 4.3 based ROMs which are starting to make their way out for selected devices. Released earlier today, this package is strictly meant for those who have JB 4.3 based PA ROM installed on their devices. Those with Android 4.2.2 based ROMs should stay away from this and should instead download the Google Apps package for JB 4.2.2.

What’s New in PA GApps 4.3

Google Apps for Paranoid Android 4.3 JSS15J based release.

Google Keyboard included. The installation script will remove the Android AOSP keyboard that is installed with most ROM’s (including Paranoid Android).

Some other important notes from Paranoid Android team:

PA GApps will use LESS of your device’s available storage than using a ‘bare bones’ GApps package and downloading the apps from the Play Store.  This is because PA GApps are installed entirely in the System partition, leaving the Data (User) partition for your non-Google apps.

Since the System partition is a fixed size, installing GApps here uses storage that would otherwise be left unused (and unavailable for other use). Also note that Android automatically will remove the app from your Data partition if the System version is the same or newer than the version in your Data partition.

Just be certain to wipe Dalvik and cache after flashing the new GApps. This means that you can freely install any updates from the Play Store without any concern about duplicate versions existing on your device after flashing a GApps update.

Download Paranoid Android Google Apps 4.3

You can download the latest version from the official PA ROM website:

Direct download link: | Mirror

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