GTA Vice City XAPK Validation Failed Error on Google Play Store

Rockstar Games had to pull the game from as the users continued to face GTA Vice City XAPK validation failed error messages while trying to purchase it from the Google Play Store. The app was released earlier today for Android phones & tablets as well as for iOS devices. It appears to be doing well on iOS App Store but Android users are still out of luck. As per official statement from Rockstar Games:

We’re aware that some users have attempted to download Vice City: 10th Anniversary Edition from the Google Play Store and have experienced validation errors. Just to be clear: the game is not available for Android devices just yet, and if you’re seeing it listed on the Store then this is an error, and you shouldn’t attempt to download it. We’ll keep you up to date and let you know as soon as the game is live and available to purchase.

So, do not try to purchase and download the app from Google Play tore till we have further updates from the makers. All you can do for now is to wait till the issues get fixed.

via Rockstar Games

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