HTC One Google Edition Release Date, Price

Google’s Sundar Pichai just announced HTC One Google Edition. HTC One with Google Experience release date and price were also unveiled. The device will be powered by stock Android (latest version) and will be available for purchase starting June 26th. You’d be able to order the device from Google Play Store. The device was revealed at D11 conference. Here is the picture of Sundar Pichai holding HTC One:

Sundar Pichai holding HTC One Google Edition

HTC One Google Edition Price & Release Date:

Price: $599

Release Date: June 26th, 2013

The device will be unlocked and will be sold via Google Play Store.

HTC One vs. Google Edition HTC One

Both are actually the same with respect to hardware. The only difference is on the software side:

  • Google’s HTC One will run stock Android – the untouched version of Android without the garbage
  • Google variant of device will get timely software updates

Google had earlier announced Galaxy S4 with Google Experience at I/O 2013 conference.


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