Google Play Music v4.5.910I APK Available in Play Store Now

Google Play Music has been updated with bug fixes and some new features. The newly released Google Play Music v4.5.910I (apk) fixes the Galaxy S3 freezing issue. So, all the SGS3 users can breath in relief now. There are some new features as well, that include:

* Instant mixes continue playing beyond 25 songs.
* Added ability to shuffle an album, artist or playlist.
* New default album art.
* Previous button added to widget.
* Pinning progress now shown on album and playlist pages.
* Fix for the Galaxy S3 freezing issue.


These were the much needed additions that other music apps have right from the start. Shuffle is one such feature. Addition of new default album art and of Previous button on the widget are some cool features as well. You can get the updated app from the Play Store now where it’s available already. Here is the download link:

Download from Play Store:

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