Google Galaxy S4 with Nexus Experience (Price & Release Date)

Call it Google Galaxy Nexus S4 or Google Galaxy S4, Google has just announced that it had made Samsung SGS4 a Nexus phone and will be releasing it on June 26th. The device will be available for purchase on Google Play Store for $649. It will be unlocked device running the latest version of Android. It will essentially be a Galaxy S4 device but there are some added advantages with a Google Nexus device. Frequent system update is one huge advantage. Here’s why you would prefer Google’s Galaxy S4:

  • Unlocked
  • Nexus user experience
  • Unlocked Bootloader
  • Prompt & frequent system updates

Google Galaxy S4 Price

The price is $649 for 16GB version. it will be available on AT&T as well as on T-Mobile LTE network.

Release date is June 26th. You will be able to order the device from Google Play Store once it becomes available.


Image via The Verge

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