Flash / Install Jelly Bean on One X with Easy JB Firmware Flasher

HTC One X haven’t yet received the official Jelly Bean update. An unofficial port have been doing rounds across the web for quite some time though. Sadly, it was the developer-only and was quite complex and risky for common users to flash it on their devices. Not any longer! Thanks to “Jelly Bean firmware easy flasher”, HTC One X users can now install Android 4.1 JB on their devices. This flasher helps you install any Jelly Bean ROM on One X smartphone. In addition, you can perform following tasks with it:

  • Display your CID
  • Lock Bootloader
  • Update JB FW, inc HBoot 1.28
  • Unlock Bootloader
  • Flash custom CWM recovery
  • Flash boot.img

Compatible CIDs

Not all One X users can use the tool, it’s limited to the devices whose CID matches any of the CIDs provided in the list below:

  • HTC__001
  • HTC__E11
  • HTC__203
  • HTC__102
  • HTC__405
  • HTC__Y13
  • HTC__A07
  • HTC__304
  • HTC__M27
  • HTC__032
  • HTC__016
  • HTC__J15

Here is the step by step guide:

Install / Flash Jelly Bean on One X using Easy Firmware Flasher

Note: This will work only for devices with unlocked bootloader.

Continue at your own risk.

Step 1: Download a Jelly Bean ROM that you want to flash on HTC One X. Some of the ROMs are provided below:

Step 2: Put the downloaded file on the root of your SD Card.

Step 3: Unlock_code.bin – Place this in the same folder. This is the file you got from HTCdev when you unlocked your bootloader. If you no longer have it then check your email inbox for it or go through the process again at htcdev.com

Step 4: Download the Flasher: JBFWTool7.zip and then extract the downloaded zip file, you will get the JBFWFlasher.bat file.

Step 5: Launch the JBFWFlasher.bat file and follow on screen instructions to install the ROM you put into your SD card.

via XDA

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