WebOS Ports Shows Off Open WebOS on Nexus 7 Running

Want Open WebOS on Nexus 7 tablet of yours? You may have it pretty soon. Thanks to webOS Ports team, the Nexus 7 runs Open WebOS now. The OS has previously been ported to Galaxy Nexus as well. The Nexus 7, however, appears to be perfect candidate for webOS as its dimensions are almost same to that of 7-inch TouchPad Go. It looks more exciting considering the possibility of being able to dual boot webOS alongside Android or Ubuntu using MultiROM for Nexus 7. While it will be too early to even think about it, we can certainly hope for something like that. As for the webOS port for N7, it was completed successfully and announced via twitter by @webOSPorts:


Here is the screenshot followed by the demo video:

Nexus 7 webOS Ports

The video shows off Open WebOS Alpha on Nexus 7. Although its the alpha version and an initial build of the port, it appears to be working very smoothly. There is no word on when it will be released to public. It certainly is something to look forward to. The release may not be too far as the work done on porting WebOS on Galaxy Nexus may come handy while doing the same for Nexus 7.

via webOS Nation


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