Unlocking HTC One Bootloader? Lose Flashlight, Calculator, Sound Recorder & Ringtone Trimmer

HTC One, the new flagship device from HTC, will start shipping from tomorrow. You may be able to unlock HTC One bootloader, like any power user would do, but it will cost you a bit more than you’d expect. Not in terms of dollars but in terms of apps. Unlocking HTC One bootloader will strip your device off at least 4 apps, permanently: Flashlight, Calculator, Ringtone Trimmer and Sound Recorder.

unlock-bootloaderReason? All those apps are stored in the data partition of phone’s storage. While usually the apps are stored on main system partition. When you unlock the bootloader, the process involves wiping the data partition of the device. This will surely delete all data + the apps stored on that partition. Unfortunately, for now, we do not have Flashlight, Calculator, Sound Recorder and Ringtone Trimmer APK files which will allow us to reinstall the app after unlocking the bootloader.

Because some of the apps will be deleted, future HTC One OTA updates may fail as the update will check for existing applications and upon not finding them, it won’t go through.

This was revealed by Paul O’Brien of Modaco who has also informed / inquired HTC about the matter.

For most HTC devices, it’s really easy to unlock the bootloader. HTC has provided with a tool that will allow you to unlock bootloader for any supported device. For unsupported devices, unofficial unlock tools become available sooner or later. However, those considering to Unlock HTC One bootloader may have to hold on for a while now till HTC fixes it up or when we have APKs for those apps which will be deleted in the process. If you can risk losing the mentioned apps, which are really useful but not unique, you can definitely go ahead with any available bootloader unlocks available. Choice is yours.


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