TeamWin have released the TWRP and it’s now available for download. It has plenty of new features including support for exFAT format SD cards and the ability to build TWRP in CM 10.1. In addition to these, there are some other major changes as well as bug fixes and performance improvements for existing features. Here’s what’s new, as per TeamWin:

What’s New in TWRP

  • Using libtar instead of busybox’s tar for better control over tar file creation and breaking the 2GB barrier that busybox imposes (thanks to bigbiff)
  • Support for exFAT formatted sdcards (also thanks to bigbiff)
  • Support for decrypting Samsung TouchWiz encrypted devices including internal and external storage (special thanks to a3955269 for figuring it out)
  • Improvements to OpenRecoveryScript including displaying a proper GUI while the script is running
  • Added wipe cache and dalvik after ADB Sideload
  • Replaced many system calls with their native C counterparts
  • Fixed bugs in file manager where it would display an empty list after moving or deleting a folder
  • Fixed AOSP recovery commands to run after decryption on encrypted devices
  • Improvements for building TWRP in CM10.1
  • Other minor bugfixes and improvements

For those who don’t know, TWRP (Team Win Recovery Project) is a popular touch-friendly custom recovery and a viable alternate to ClockworkMod Recovery. It allows you to do all the stuff that you’d expect from custom recovery, plus it’s optimized for touchscreen devices and has a more friendly UI when compared to CWM Recovery. TWRP supports quite a lot of Android devices and can be installed from Market as well as by downloading the .img / .tar / .zip file and flashing it manually.

Please note that, in order to install custom recovery, your device should be rooted.

You can download TWRP 2.4 and install it on your device. Complete list of supported devices can be found here: