Install Facebook Home APK on any Android Device (Leaked)

Facebook Home, unveiled last week, has been leaked and the APK files have now become available for download. It’s a pre-release version, Facebook Home v2.3-dev, and the official version is scheduled to be released on April 12th. This release has been pulled from HTC First ROM and has been made available for download. HTC First is also set to be released on April 12th and will be the first phone to have Facebook Home preinstalled.

Facebook Home is a suite of apps from Facebook that lets you stay updated with what your friends are up to. The app, to be distributed via Google Play Store, will be releasing for selected Samsung and HTC devices. Thanks to this leak, the users whose devices are not supported officially, may also be able to download and install it. There are risks though that it may not work as good on unsupported devices as it does on supported ones.

As this release of Facebook Home was extracted from HTC First ROM, it may not work as well on other devices and will be buggy. However, some users might still want to have a peak into it to see what Facebook has in store for them. If you want to take an early look at Facebook Home, you will need to download and install 3 separate APKs, that include:

Download & Install Facebook Home APKs (Leaked)

You will have to install following 3 APKs:

  1. Main Facebook app (katana): com.facebook.katana.apk (17.6 MB)
  2. Chat Heads app (Orca): com.facebook.orca.apk (10.2 MB)
  3. Facebook Home / Launcher app (Home): com.facebook.home.apk (36 KB)

The direct download links for all these files can be found at MoDaCo Forum page.


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