AOKP JB 4.2 M1 Build 2 Released with Galaxy S3 & Nexus Devices Support

CyanogenMod released CM 10.1 M1 yesterday. Now the Android Open Kang Project AOKP JB Milestone 1 has been released and is available for download. In addition to new features and enhancements, there are a bunch of new devices that are now supported. You can download and install AOKP JB M1 on Galaxy S3 and the Nexus devices.


It’s the Milestone 1 build 2 of AOKP Jelly Bean 4.2 ROM, based on AOSP build of Android 4.2. It’s still not the final version but it should certainly be more stable than the nightly builds. Here are some of the new features in this build:

AOKP JB Milestone 1 Build 2 [What’s New]

Supported Devices:

  • d2att – Galaxy S3 (AT&T)
  • d2tmo – Galaxy S3 (T-Mobile)
  • d2usc – Galaxy S3 (US Cellular)
  • d2vzw – Galaxy S3 (Verizon)
  • manta – Nexus 10
  • tilapia – Nexus 7 (GSM)

New features and enhancements:

  • General UI
    • Boot animation picker enhancements
    • Colorable clock views/widgets
  • Lockscreen
    • Option to hide initial page hints
    • Start lockscreen with minimized challenge
    • Longpress on minimized challenge to unlock
    • Carousel animation
  • Navigation Bar
    • Colorable NavBar background
    • Recents menu opens with lightning speed
  • Statusbar
    • Alternative signal layout (GB-style)
    • New toggle: Sound state (ring/vib/silent)
    • Mobile technology indicator reflects internet connection status
  • Camera
    • Powerkey shutter
  • Phone
    • Call statistics – Phone app / local menu

How to Install AOKP JB 4.2 M1 Build 2

Download the ROM for your device: Direct Download Links here

Filename would be like Here “devicename” will be replaced by your device name.

You will also need to download Google Apps GApps for AOKP 4.2 ROM.

After downloading both the files, copy the files on your device SD card.

Now install the ROM in CWM Recovery mode. For a complete tutorial, see this: How to flash AOKP 4.2 JB M1 on your device.

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