Earlier this week, Android 4.2 keyboard and Camera with Photo Sphere apps leaked and were made available for download. Following the release of Nexus 4 system dump online, the latest Keyboard with Gesture Typing and Android 4.2 Clock app are now available for download and can be flashed on your Android device. The complete N4 system dump was made available for download and it included the system apps, wallpapers and sounds bundled in different packages so that you could download them individually if you wanted to. Now you can download the Nexus 4 Clock app as well as the Keyboard app. Here are the details:


Android 4.2 keyboard works on Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) as well as on Jelly Bean

Clock app works on Jelly Bean only, so you should be on Android 4.1 or above in order to be able to install it. Also, the Clock app has a known issue, according to gnufabio:
Clock stopwatch notification has a wrong layout, I can’t solve the problem untill apktool updates and support Android 4.2.
Android 4.2 Nexus 4 Clock app

Download Android 4.2 Clock & Keyboard

Both files, Android4.2_Keyboard_gnufabio.zip and Android4.2_Clock_gnufabio.zip can be downloaded from the link given below:

Download from gnufabio Now

Before you flash these files to your device, remember to take a system backup.