CyanogenMod Releases CM 10.1.0 RC4 to fix the ‘math bug’ from RC3

A day after releasing Release Candidate 3, CyanogenMod team have now released CM10.1 RC4 to fix some bugs from the earlier release. One bug in particular, that many users started encountering after updating to RC3, calculated and displayed various items like used space on the device and other stuff was cause of curiosity for many users. The bug has thankfully been fixed in RC4. The update is described as “10.1.0 RC4: do you even math, bro?” on CyaonogenMod’s G+ page and description reads like:

One of the fixes in RC3 addressed a helper function used in several places for varying complexity calculations. The new code performs great, but unfortunately it only works in the chipset family it was tested on. For all others, it just returns wrong values (exponents, in particular, return much bigger values than they should). This is why a lot of you started seeing mobile data accounting in the multi-gigabyte range overnight, wrong speeds in animations, and generally random behavior.

RC4 was released to address that. The fix has been fixed, and CM does math again. The bad values calculated by RC3 were only cosmetic, so rest assured that you did not use 100GB worth of data in 24h. Sorry about that.

If your device is encountering any such issues, we recommend you update to CyanogenMod 10.1 RC4.

Download the latest version from here:

You will also need to download and separately install latest version of GApps after installing the ROM. Need help in updating / flashing CyanogenMod ROM on your device? Following links may be helpful:

Upgrade from earlier version of CM ROM: Update to CM 10.1 RC3 from RC2

Install CyanogenMod RC4 on stock ROM: Flash CM10.1 RC3 in CWM Recovery mode


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