How many of you want iMessage for Android? Considering the fact that iMessage’s encrypted data can’t be decrypted even by Apple. CyanogenMod’s PushSMS aims to provide you similar secure messaging on Android. While there are countless iMessage alternatives on Android, the security and privacy of messages can’t be ensured. This new feature adds encryption and authenticity to sent and received messages on Android devices.

There’s been lot of discussion on privacy and security over the past few days. Apple’s iMessage was lauded when the iPhone maker revealed that the iMessage data could not be decrypted by anyone. Whatever the reality may be, we can always trust Apple with data privacy and security. Android users, however, do not have such luxury and there’s increasing need of widgets and apps that can ensure privacy of sensitive data.

CyanogenMod team is heading in exactly the same direction. They are adding new features which will let you control the apps’ access to your data in a better way. They have already rolled out CyanogenMod Privacy Guard in CM 10.1 Nightly builds pushed out today. The feature lets you run any app in Incognito Mode, making sure that it cannot access any of data including contacts, messages, call logs and location.

Once the PushSMS feature rolls out to CM 10.1, you will be able to send CyanogenMod to CyanogenMod messages securely without having to worry about privacy. The features is currently under development and could be released to supported devices soon. You can find the plugin source code here: