After releasing CM 10.1.0 stable build yesterday, CyanogenMod is now adding new features to new nightly builds. First in line is HD video recording in Android smartphones and tablets. The feature lets users record High Dynamic Range videos on Android devices. This feature is part of latest CyanogenMod nighly builds which are available for download already.

This feature is part of additional camera features that CM have talked about adding in near future. Work on other awesome features is currently in progress. CyanogenMod’s HDR Video feature is currently available on HTC One family and Sony Xperia Z only. So, if you are a proud owner of any of these devices (you’d obviously be more proud today), you can download latest CM 10.1 nightly and flash it on your device. Another feature, Shutter speed, is currently under development and could be added to the camera app in days to come. Till then, enjoy recording HDR videos on HTC One series and Xperia Z devices.

As stated on Google+ page of CyanogenMod:

HDR Video Support
A few days ago we mentioned additional camera features we were working towards; we’ve just merged HDR Video recording.
Due to the nature of this functionality, supported devices are currently limited to the HTC One family and Xperia Z.
The second feature, Shutter speed, is currently in review on our Gerrit instance.

Earlier this year, CyanogenMod team had added HDR photo support to the stock camera app. Many of the users then demanded video support to be added as well. Now the wish is granted, thanks to the awesome CyanogenMod team. Rejoice Xperia Z and HTC One series customers.