CyanogenMod to Release CM 10.1 Nightly with Privacy Guard Today

After rolling out CM 10.1.0 stable build to selected devices, CyanogenMod team have now announced that CM10.1 with Privacy Guard / Incognito Mode will be released today (June 25th). Announced earlier this month, CM Incognito mode allows you to run any app in “Incognito mode”, preventing the app from accessing your data. This is one big feature for those who are concerned about the privacy and security of sensitive data like contacts, messages, call logs and location. This feature will be part of the next nightly builds. So, CM 10.1 20130625 Nightly will come with Incognito mode, cool!

In CyanogenMod, when you run an app in Incognito mode, it cannot access the messages, call logs or contacts stored on your device. What this feature actually does is to return empty values whenever the app requests any of these data. It makes restricting data access to a specific app very easy. The feature has been merged into the nightly builds of the ROM and is ready to be released today. As per the CyanogenMod’s G+ page:

Steve Kondik has merged the patch sets to enable Privacy Guard support for all future nightly builds, starting later today.

We will keep you updated when the ROM becomes available for download. Stay tuned!


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