Unlock Droid DNA Bootloader without Fastboot Commands

Hello HTC Droid DNA users! Want an easier way to unlock bootloader? Now you can do it simply using an app. The cid.apk for Droid DNA lets you unlock bootloader of your device. Just download and install the app, it doesn’t get simpler than that. Here are the details and download links with instructions on how to do it:

Step 1: Download cid.apk from XDA forum thread.

Step 2: Run the downloaded apk from HTC DNA SuperCID.

Step 3: Reboot Droid DNA in bootloader mode.

Step 4: Execute this fastboot command to confirm that you have SuperCID:

fastboot oem readcid

When you execute the command, you will get 11111111. If you see something else, do not proceed.

Step 5: Proceed to HTCDev.com to complete the process to unlock Droid DNA Bootloader.

That’s it! You now have unlocked bootloader on HTC Droid DNA.

It’s way simpler than the alternate method that involves using CIDGen.apk and then performing a series of commands to complete the process.

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