What’s New in HTC Sense 5 (Features & Enhacements)

HTC today unveiled the new Android flagship smartphone HTC One. The phone features Jelly Bean OS with HTC Sense 5.0 that adds to the awesome UltraPixels camera and gorgeous hardware. HTC One will start shipping in March and will be available globally on number of carriers and retailers. Here is a brief comparison of HTC Sense 5 & Sense 4 to see what has changed and what improvements and features you can expect in reimagined User Interface.

HTC Sense 5.0 vs. Sense 4.0 Comparison

Coming from HTC Sense 4, you will find the new and reimagined HTC Sense 5.0 lot better, simplified, visually more appealing and easier to use. A lot of new stuff has been added and some less-used features have been removed as well. Here’s a brief comparison and 5 new features of Sense 5.0.

1. The Home Screen

First up, the home screen. You see the difference immediately.


The digital clock, weather widget as well as the icons at the bottom – all have been revamped and made to look fresh and even better.

You will see handful of UI enhancements and visual changes throughout. Also, lot of clutter has been removed to make it more simple and user friendly.

2. HTC BlinkFeed

BlinkFeed is the the new addition to your home screen and one of the core new features of Sense 5. As the name indicates, BlinkFeed is a kind of news / updates aggregator that gets updated data from the sources you select. It can have your Facebook feed as well as feed from other news sources.

BlinkFeed covers the middle part of your screen. If you don’t like BlinkFeed, you can turn it off. Or you can simply swipe left to see the traditional home screen.

3. Sense 5 Launcher

The Launcher has been simplified with unnecessary clutter removed. App icons in Launcher have been reimagined and offer a better visual experience. One of the useful new features added to the Launcher is the ability to create folders in apps menu. This will help you organize more apps in the folders.

4. HTC Kid Mode

Addition of Kid Mode will make life of parents easier. You can now turn on the Kid mode and hand the phone to your kid so he can play around with it while you are busy elsewhere. You don’t have to worry for accidental calls or messages since the phone is in Kid Mode.

5. HTC TV Remote

HTC One has IR blaster integrated into the power button. And it comes with an app that supports the feature. Once you set it up, it displays a graphic list of currently playing channels. Just tap on a channel to switch to it. It’s simple as that.


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