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I googled and found 'X-Ray' app which scanned my device and reported that none of the exploit available at the moment can exploit my device.  I ve spent several hours trying various things (though I am new to android) , including adb shell commands but to no avail.

Please guide me, what option I'm left with?

I even tried putting update.zip (containing files like busybox, Superuser.apk which I downloaded from a website as suggested in a forum) on root of my SD card and started in recovery mode.  But even that procedure returned error "Signature Verification Failed".

My device must ve been patched with latest patches but there must be some solution...

Please help.



I got the error "It seems your device or firmware is not exploitable at all,a this app cant do any thing useful for you".

What solution is there for me. I am using Gingerbread 2.3.5.